Multiple Categories are implemented on version 1.2.0. If you already have previous version of Komper plugin prior to version 1.2.0 installed on your wordpress, there are a few things to do after updating Komper plugin to the latest version (v.1.2.0).

  1. Create some category at Product Category page 
  2. Go to “Upgrade Tools” page, you will see some of your product fields there. Choose category for the fields, then click Save.
  3. If you already insert product table via shortcode into your pages / posts, then edit each of post / page, and insert new shortcode parameter:


    x = ID of your product category. You can see the category ID at Product Category page.
    for example:
    [komper pid=3,1,9,10,6,2 compareform=yes category=1]


  4. This also applies to Compare form, if you insert it into your posts or pages.
  5. And if you are using widget, go to Widget page (Appearance – Widget), and click on your widget settings, Select Product Category for this widget, and click Save.
  6. Now your plugin is ready to go.